Zenyatta damage? (2023)

How much damage should Zenyatta do?

Zenyatta slings a series of orbs that each do 48 damage. Alternatively, he can charge a rapid-fire volley of multiple orbs that each does 48 damage for a potential total of 240 damage (5 orbs).

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How do you get more damage with Zenyatta?

Attaching the orb of discord to an opponent amplifies the amount of damage they receive for as long as Zenyatta maintains line of sight. Only one opponent can suffer the orb's effects at a time. Launch this orb at an enemy to increase the damage they take.

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How much damage does Zenyatta headshot do?

Zenyatta does 46 damage a shot, 2.5 shots per second. With discord, he does 59.8 damage. So he does 119 damage per headshot.

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How much damage does Zen Orb do?

Zenyatta gives an enemy an orb that increases the damage they take by 30%. This has no cooldown. Only one enemy can receive Orb of Discord's effect at a time.

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Does Zenyatta have damage drop off?

Highly unlikely. At worse, Zenyatta would see a decrease in projectile speed, but no falloff damage.

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How much healing should a Zenyatta have?

Zenyatta gives an ally an orb that restores their health by 30 per second. This has no cooldown. Only one ally can receive Orb of Harmony's effect at a time. Multiple Orbs of Harmony do not stack.

How do you play Zenyatta effectively?

Letting the Tank and damage players on your team take the brunt of the attack while you stay behind and support them will lead to the best results with Zenyatta. Because he has low mobility and no defensive tools, Zenyatta is an especially vulnerable target. Help your team by letting them help you.

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Did Zenyatta get nerfed?

Thus, while the Overwatch 2 update does nerf Zenyatta, it only course corrects an error that rendered her abilities overpowered for a time. Given the nature of the game, balancing acts of this nature will more than likely persist for a long time to come.

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Can Zenyatta heal himself?

Role: Support

Zenyatta is the weakest, slowest hero in the game. But he throws out massive damage with his Orbs, and can heal himself and others effectively.

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Did Zenyatta get buffed?

Zenyatta will no longer have a faster rate of fire when he's buffed by Kiriko's Kitsune Rush Ultimate.

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Why is Zenyatta so good?

Zenyatta overview

His projectile orbs deal a significant amount of damage, especially when charged, and one of his healing abilities has an alternate form that reduces enemy defense--perfect for keeping enemies off you or helping another DPS take down difficult foes.

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How to heal better as Zenyatta?

He can't heal if he's dead, so Zenyatta needs to stay on the backlines. He can heal from a long way away so long as the teammate is in sight, so stay a corner away from the heat of the action at all times.

Zenyatta damage? (2023)
Is Zenyatta hard to play?

Yes, his extremely low health pool and lack of mobility make him a decently difficult character to master. However, if you put the effort in, you'll quickly discover one of the most rewarding characters in overwatch.

Who combos best with Zenyatta?

5 Mercy And Zenyatta

Definitely one of the best two-support combos in the game, Zen/Mercy brings a handful of offensive tools to the table. This combo is essentially able to peel for each other in the right situations, which means fewer resources need to be committed to protecting your back line if they get pressured.

Is Zenyatta enlightened?

Zenyatta is a very calm and supportive omnic, always willing to help those in mental pain. He is very enlightened and has a wise thought for just about anything, such as how patience is the greatest weapon and that anger only defeats the one who possesses it.

Who is the fastest healer in overwatch?

Self-Healing abilities
  • Anna. ...
  • Baptiste. ...
  • Brigitte. ...
  • Lucio. Crossfade: 16 health per second. ...
  • Mercy. Caduceus Staff: 55 health per second. ...
  • Moira. Biotic Grasp: 70 health per second. ...
  • Soldier: 76. Biotic Field: 40 health per second (204 total). ...
  • Zenyatta. Orb of Harmony: 30 health per second.

Who is the fastest healer in overwatch 2?

Mercy is considered a consistent and reliable Overwatch 2 healer. Analysis of her healing ability shows that she heals for around 55 health per second. Kiriko, if she lands all of her talismans, heals for an astonishing 72 health per second.

Is Zenyatta a main support?

Typically, support heroes are sorted into sub categories, main support and flex support. Flex supports include: Ana, Baptiste, Moira, and Zenyatta. Main supports are: Mercy, Lucio, Brigitte, and the new support Kiriko.

Who is the best Zenyatta player?


Why did Overwatch 2 rank me so low?

When a new competitive season begins in Overwatch 2, there is a rank decay to all roles, meaning your skill tier and division are probably going to be lower than they were at the end of the previous one. Over the course of the season, you should return to rank that accurately reflect your true skill level.

What are Zenyatta weaknesses?

Zenyatta's weakness is his overall lack of mobility to stay out of harms way of offensive heroes such as Tracer, Genji, and Reaper. Snipers will also give Zenyatta a difficult time as well. It doesn't take much to take Zenyatta down.

Did Zenyatta train Genji?

In time, Zenyatta became his mentor, and under the monk's tutelage, Genji came to see both his experiences and his cybernetic form as a gift and a unique strength. The Shimada brothers would cross paths once again, on the anniversary of Genji's death.

Is Zenyatta a girl?

Zenyatta identifies as a male. Male pronouns are used in his backstory.

How much HP does Zenyatta have?

Zenyatta has a few problems, namely that his HP pool is microscopic. He just has 150 HP, most of it shields, which is the same as a hero like Tracer, but she compensates for that with ridiculous mobility and a health regen move.

Is Lucio or Zenyatta better?

Lucio is the better healer, Zen is better for extra DPS. I've solo healed as both before, but of the two, I would pick Lucio for solo healing over Zen. If you've got good aim though, then go Zen cause he can take out squishies with his Discord Orb on them super easily.

What tier is Zenyatta?

Overwatch 2 Tier List Rankings – The Best Heroes
TierOverwatch 2 Tier List
BDamage: Cassidy, Genji, Hanzo, Widowmaker, Pharah, Sombra, Junkrat, Mei, Soldier: 76, Torbjorn Tank: Junker Queen, Ramattra Support: Zenyatta, Moira
CDamage: Symmetra, Bastion Tank: Wrecking Ball, Reinhardt Support: Brigitte
2 more rows
Jan 12, 2023

Is Zenyatta a JoJo reference?

Not a surprise that Overwatch and JoJo happen to reference the same source material. No, it's a reference to the " The Police" Album Zenyatta Mondatta. Released on October 3, 1980.

How much does Zenyatta heal per second?

Zenyatta's ultimate allows for him to heal for 300 health per second in a 10 meter radius, while also increasing his own movement speed. Transcendence lasts for six seconds. With a required charge of 1650 points, it falls in the second-highest required point charge class out of the support heroes.

Who is the best healer duo with Zenyatta?

4 Zenyatta And Baptiste

Baptiste can take advantage of that and heal the team more efficiently, since his healing output is greater, while Zen can help with targets that are difficult to hit since his healing automatically attaches to the targets in your line of sight.

When should I use Zenyatta?

The game has changed a lot since the original Overwatch, but Zenyatta will always be the go-to hero when players need a clutch ultimate to rush a point.

How much does Zenyatta heal per second Overwatch 2?

Zenyatta. Orb of Harmony: 30 health per second. Single target ability. Transcendence (ultimate): 300 health per second.

Who does Zenyatta pair well with?

A good Zenyatta can use his orbs to heal a Doomfist that is continuously moving around the map, and at the same time, meet with Doomfist to interrupt the enemy's defenses or even attacks. The two make an efficient duo when attacking multiple enemies.

Who is the fastest healer in Overwatch 2?

Mercy is considered a consistent and reliable Overwatch 2 healer. Analysis of her healing ability shows that she heals for around 55 health per second. Kiriko, if she lands all of her talismans, heals for an astonishing 72 health per second.

Who is the strongest healer in Overwatch?

If skill level and learning curve are more of a problem, then Moira will likely be your best bet. She can output quite a lot of healing as well as easy to land damage through her Biotic Grasp and Orb. She also has her Fade in case she needs a quick escape.

Who does the most DPS in Overwatch 2?

Ashe. Ashe has the highest pick rate when it comes to DPS heroes that have a win rate better than 50%, making her a sure, stable option for players.

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