Zen orb healing per second? (2023)

How much healing does Zen do a second?

So the important things to note are: A Zen heal orb will enable a main healer to heal 100hp per second or more (depending on the support). It's actually quite effective given that your tank is a huge healing priority. A mercy + zen heal will provide 85hp per second healing.

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How much does Zenyatta heal per second Overwatch 2?

Zenyatta. Orb of Harmony: 30 health per second. Single target ability. Transcendence (ultimate): 300 health per second.

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How much does Zen discord orb do?

A powerful tool for increasing the damage of his team, Orb of Discord allows Zenyatta to send an orb to hover over the shoulder of his foes. As long as Zenyatta remains in line of sight of his target, the Orb of Discord will cause them to take 25% increased damage from all sources.

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How long does a Zen Orb last?

0.52 seconds per orb. Zenyatta casts an orb over the shoulder of a targeted ally. So long as Zenyatta remains alive, the orb slowly restores health to his ally. Only one ally can receive the orb's benefit at a time.

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Who is the fastest healer in overwatch 2?

Mercy is considered a consistent and reliable Overwatch 2 healer. Analysis of her healing ability shows that she heals for around 55 health per second. Kiriko, if she lands all of her talismans, heals for an astonishing 72 health per second.

What is the highest heal per second in overwatch?

The heroes inside of their spawn room will be healed for 400 HP per second (the most healing from a single source).

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How fast does Zenyatta's ORB heal?

Zenyatta gives an ally an orb that restores their health by 30 per second. This has no cooldown. Only one ally can receive Orb of Harmony's effect at a time. Multiple Orbs of Harmony do not stack.

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How good is Zenyatta's healing?

He also has a healing ability that works at a distance, so long as you keep your ally in sight, and Zenyatta's ultimate ability heals an enormous amount of HP over the course of a few seconds.

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How much damage does Zen Orb do?

Zenyatta gives an enemy an orb that increases the damage they take by 30%. This has no cooldown. Only one enemy can receive Orb of Discord's effect at a time.

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How much damage does a Zen ball do?

Details: Damage per second: 120 while firing (101.05 overall w/reload)

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What is Zen Orb projectile speed?

As for Zenyatta, his Orb of Discord will be a bit less effective. Attacks against heroes who have the orb on them will be amplified by 25%, down from 30%. That orb and the healing Orb of Harmony will now travel at the same speed as Zen's primary fire at 90 meters per second, down from 120 m/s.

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Can Zenyatta heal himself?

Role: Support

Zenyatta is the weakest, slowest hero in the game. But he throws out massive damage with his Orbs, and can heal himself and others effectively.

Zen orb healing per second? (2023)
Is Zenyatta hard to play?

Although he has a simple set of abilities, Zenyatta is one of the most difficult characters to master. As Zenyatta, you'll need to remain on the attack while providing healing to your team and debuffs to the enemy.

How old is DVA?

Overwatch. In Overwatch lore, D.Va is Hana Song, a 19-year-old former professional gamer going by her gamertag "D.Va". D.Va was known for becoming the No.

How long does Zen take to activate?

How long will it take to switch? As soon as your broadband order has been accepted and ongoing payment has been processed we'll confirm your activation date. If you are switching your service from another provider it could take approximately two weeks to go live.

How much damage does Zen do per shot?

Damage per second: 74.53 while firing (68.18 overall w/reload)

How fast does mercy heal per second?

Details: Heals an ally by 10.56 every 0.192 s.

Is Zen a good healer?

Zen was never meant to be a strong healer, he's used for his Utility. I'm not really seeing the problem here. The Support role isn't called, “Healer role.” Zen is a support, but his kit is more based on Utility and High damage.

Is Zen better than Virgin?

For example, 'Which' (paywalled) recently gave Zen a customer service score of 87%, a full seventeen percentage points ahead of its nearest rival and way better than Virgin (55%). 'Which' also informed me that some 59% of Zen's customers rate its service as excellent too.

What is Zen upload speed?

Superfast Broadband: these packages will offer average upload speeds of up to 66Mbps depending on the package you choose, with upload speeds of up to 17Mbps. Speeds such as these are likely to be ideal for medium usage households watching HD movies and partaking in some online gaming.

Who is Zen owned by?

Zen Founder and Chairman Richard Tang believes in a better way of doing business... I founded Zen in 1995, at a time when the Internet was a novelty for techies, and setting up an Internet Service Provider (ISP) business could be done fairly easily with a few thousand pounds.

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