Will recipients in Bcc see each other? (2023)

Can Bcc recipients see other Bcc recipients?

If you're the recipient of a message, you can't see whether the sender added Bcc recipients. Only the sender of a message can see the names of Bcc recipients by opening a message in the Sent Items folder where all sent messages are stored by default. In the Sent Items folder, open the message that you sent.

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When you Bcc someone in an email can they see the reply?

No, they can't. Only you, as the sender, can see who has initially been copied on your message. If you include someone in a BCC email and reply to you, they will address their response directly to you.

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What happens when you BCC someone?

BCC, which stands for blind carbon copy, allows you to hide recipients in email messages. Addresses in the To: field and the CC: (carbon copy) field appear in messages, but users cannot see addresses of anyone you included in the BCC: field.

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How do you use BCC correctly?

Email Etiquette: How to Use Bcc
  1. To: these are the people you're directly addressing in your message.
  2. CC: these are the people you're publicly informing of the message.
  3. BCC: these are the people you're privately informing of the message.
19 Jul 2013

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Is moving to BCC rude?

“Moving you to BCC,” Argenti told me, is essentially a shorthand for saying, “I know you really don't want to hear this, but I do want you to know that we've gotten in touch, and thank you very much.” Bim, bam, blessedly silent boom—politeness all around. It's so elegant. It's so merciful.

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Is it rude to use BCC?

You're emailing coworkers: In general, it's best to avoid using “Bcc” at work when emailing your coworkers. It doesn't look good on you and will reduce your coworkers' perception of your workplace integrity.

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Can you BCC multiple people without them knowing?

Addresses that are “Cc” -ed are visible to all recipients. Bcc, or “blind carbon copy” functions the same as “Cc”, with one difference: Bcc-ed addresses are hidden from all recipients. Both features are available in Gmail and Outlook.

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How do you indicate BCC in a letter?

Type or write "bcc:" and the person's name at the bottom of your file copy and the bcc recipient's copy of the letter after the closing and signature. Left justify the information for a correct business letter format. Mail it to the person for whom the blind copy is intended.

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How do I include BCC in an email?

To add recipients to the BCC list, click on the Bcc button on the header, as shown below. Once you've clicked the Bcc button, the BCC field will appear. Add the email ID of each hidden email recipient in the field. Now you can compose the message and click “Send.”

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What do you write in BCC in an email?

Remember carbon copies? Cc means carbon copy and Bcc means blind carbon copy. For emailing, you use Cc when you want to copy others publicly, and Bcc when you want to do it privately. Any recipients on the Bcc line of an email are not visible to others on the email.

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What is BCC in email with example?

What does BCC mean? BCC stands for “blind carbon copy.” Just like CC, BCC is a way of sending copies of an email to other people. The difference between the two is that, while you can see a list of recipients when CC is used, that's not the case with BCC.

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