Why do Valorant players Smurf? (2023)

Why is Valorant full of Smurfs?

So then why do some players still feel like Valorant is rife with smurfs? Perhaps it's because Riot employs automatic solutions invisible to the players while deliberately not doing visible things that other games do. Both PUBG and Rainbow Six Siege, for instance, require two-factor authentication to play Ranked.

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Does Valorant detect Smurfs?

These behaviors include sharing accounts between multiple users, purchasing accounts, or intentionally tanking an account's MMR by losing/forfeiting games. All of these behaviors are being actively tracked, detected, and removed from our game. So that's what smurfing is and why people create alternate accounts.

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Does Riot know if you are smurfing?

Smurf accounts ruin lower ranks

Riot Games announced a new smurf detection system in Patch 5.01 to solve this problem. The main purpose of the new system is to analyze the performance of smurf accounts and bring the new account to the player's original rank faster than it should be.

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Who is Papa Smurf in Valorant?

John "Papasmurf" Yoo is a New Zealand coach who is currently an inactive member of Rebels Gaming.

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Does Riot care about Smurfs?

In proven cases of smurfing, we'll take direct action against the account, and in some cases their main account as well. This means that if you want to play Clash on an alternate account, you will need to ensure that it is of roughly the same rank as your highest.

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Does Riot punish Smurfs?

Players who slip through anti-smurf measures face penalties for their whole team. They can get banned from competing again and their team can lose any Clash rewards gained.

How do you tell if a player is a Smurf?

If someone in your game has higher CS along with kill and assist numbers compared to the other players, they are most likely a smurf.

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Can you get in trouble for smurfing?

Smurfing is an illegal activity that can have serious consequences. Current bank regulations require banks or other financial institutions to report cash transactions exceeding $10,000—or any others they deem suspicious—on a suspicious activity report (SAR).

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Is being a Smurf Bannable?

No, Smurfing includes downranking multiple divisions below your own and playing at that skill level. Smurfing as an act itself is not a bannable offense.

Can you report Smurfs?

Once you select the Mute/Report Player option and find the player, you can use the "Match Throwing" option to report any Smurfs that you encounter in Rocket League.

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Who is the smartest Smurf?

Brainy Smurf is the smartest Smurf in the village. Sometimes the other Smurfs don't want to hear what he says because he's nerdy. He is often picked on by Grouchy Smurf and Gutsy Smurf. He is one of the main characters in The Smurfs and Smurfs: The Lost Village, but a minor character in The Smurfs 2.

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Who is the oldest Smurf?

Papa Smurf's birth date was June 15, 1465 in Smurfs village because in the 2011 film, he claims that he is 546 years old. In the original comic books by Peyo, Papa Smurf has a much more forceful personality than in other portrayals. He is often portrayed in these comics as cantankerous and irritable leader.

Why do Valorant players Smurf? (2023)
Is Elf a Smurf?

The Smurfs." The Smurfs, originally "schtroumpfs", are a timeless race of blue Belgian elves, who began as a lunch-time accident and went on to conquer the world.

Is smurfing Bannable in Valo?

Smurfing in Valorant can land you in trouble because Riot Games has initiated ban waves to keep the competitive queue fair for all players.

How do I stop my Smurfs queue?

If you are looking to avoid the smurf queue in League of Legends, unfortunately, there is no way. But if you are not a smurf that is in the smurf queue, you can play many games and eventually, the game will realize that you are not a smurf and put you back in the normal queue.

How do I know if I am in Smurfs queue?

We cannot be exactly sure how they determine it, but there are a few things they probably look at. Win/Loss: If you create a brand new account and immediately win your first ten games, then it is not hard to tell that your account is a smurf. The same can be said about playing Ranked once you hit level 30.

Who is the annoying smurf?

Grouchy (original French name Le Schtroumpf Grognon) is one of the main characters of the Smurfs comic books, the 1980s Smurfs cartoon show, and the 2021 Smurfs cartoon show. He is usually considered a sourpuss since he occasionally expressed what he likes.

Who is the Smurf that hates everything?

Grouchy Smurf claims to hate pretty much everything, but there are some very few things he has shown to hold a liking to. But usually, he'd hate for anyone to know about it.

Was the Smurfs a success?

Their first full appearance was published in Spirou on October 23, 1958. The characters proved to be a huge success, and the first independent Smurf stories appeared in Spirou in 1959, together with the first merchandising.

Why isn t smurfing bannable?

Its only bannable if the smurf is either boosting or cheating. Anything else is considered an alt account by Blizzard. Which Blizzard is afraid to accidently ban.

Who has rights to Smurfs?

IMPS and LAFIG are Worldwide licensors of the Smurfs, Benny Breakiron and Johan & Peewit. These brands have known international success for many years thanks to the integrated licensing scheme offered by our two companies.

How does Riot punish toxic players?

How do punishments work? Players who are found to be causing a negative game experience are then punished within 15 minutes of the game's end. Milder offenses lead to <15 Day chat restrictions. Excessive negative behavior can result in a 365 Day chat restriction or Permanent Suspension–even without prior offenses.

Which Smurf is lazy?

Personality. While known for being constantly sleepy, Lazy possesses other traits such as being understanding, friendly, loyal, and mostly mild-mannered. He is quite sympathetic, which is shown in "Smurf Me Your Blanket!", where he is guilty about taking Baby's blanket and it gets stolen be a lizard.

How old is the average Smurf?

In mainstream Smurfs media, the Smurfs have longer life spans than humans, with young Smurfs maturing from infancy to adulthood in 100 to 150 years, according to the media universe. Papa Smurf was originally the longest-lived among them at 542 or 546 years of age, with Grandpa Smurf being twice his son's age.

Is there a black Smurf?

A Black Smurf is a character that originally appeared in the European Smurf comic book story "The Black Smurfs" (Les Schtroumpfs Noirs in French), which later became "The Purple Smurfs" when it was adapted to English.

Does smurfing make you worse Valorant?

Smurfs are detrimental to the overall experience of players of all ranks, and players believe that some action is desperately needed from Riot. Smurfing refers to an experienced player using a secondary low-ranking account.

Why is it called smurfing?

It's called smurfing due to two very good players in a game called Warcraft II. Players would simply avoid playing them if they saw their usernames, so they created new accounts to combat this, choosing “PapaSmurf” and “Smurfette” and the term has stuck since.

What is cash smurfing?

Smurfing is a money laundering technique where criminals split large transactions into smaller ones of less than $10,000 and spread these amongst multiple transactors or accountholders.

Why is smurfing fun?

For some, smurfing is a way to practice new things without affecting their main account. Others believe their opponents should feel grateful for playing against high-skill players.

Is playing with a Smurf boosting?

Smurfing in Valorant leads to boosting

They tend to ask high ranked players for help regarding their rank up. The low ranked players ask the high ranked players to play in the same low ranked lobby and expect him/her to execute most of the game and get them a win. This is known as "boosting."

Are Smurfs cheating?

I see an obvious smurf, I report. Why? Because you're deliberately throwing off the entire matchmaking system because you can't win on your main account.

Does Riot ban bought accounts?

Unfortunately, many websites sell bad accounts that get banned fast. This is a problem because players look for websites that sell accounts for a lower price. The account you get for a low price will not be good, and you will most likely be banned because Riot has a policy against buying/selling accounts.

What is smurf apex?

Apex Legends players fed up with smurfing problem

For those who may not be familiar with the term smurfing, it's essentially when a player who is already high-ranked in an online game creates a new account starting at a low level and gets put into games with other new or low-level players for an easier time.

Why are there so many smurfs in ranked?

The “play ranked just for ranked” mentality is the cause of smurfs. Once you get to GM/top 500 there isn't really any reason to continue playing on your main because all you get by the end of it is the same spray other people get but with sparkles and some more competitive points.

Why do people Smurf in FPS?

These video game smurfs use it as a confidence booster. Sometimes they excuse their behavior by playing with lower-skilled friends. Games like Valorant and CSGO restrict party matchmaking if ranks are too far apart. Another common reason for smurfing is to practice.

Does Riot ban for smurfing?

There are no rules against owning multiple accounts, nor is Smurfing technically against the rules. The Riot Games staff have made it abundantly clear on this matter many times in the past; you can 100% play on a smurf account if your intention is not to ruin other players' games.

Why are low level accounts called Smurfs?

It's called smurfing due to two very good players in a game called Warcraft II. Players would simply avoid playing them if they saw their usernames, so they created new accounts to combat this, choosing “PapaSmurf” and “Smurfette” and the term has stuck since.

How do you tell if a player is a smurf?

If someone in your game has higher CS along with kill and assist numbers compared to the other players, they are most likely a smurf.

How fast can a smurf run?

According to the Sony Pictures Imageworks animators, the Smurfs in the film can run up to 10 feet per second and have a vertical leap of 4-12 inches.

Why are smurfs blue?

In French, they were called “les Schtroumpfs,” a reference to a dinner during which Culliford, who couldn't remember the term for salt, asked his table mate to pass the “schtroumpf.” Culliford's wife, the Belgian colorist Janine Culliford, was the person who gave the Smurfs their iconic blue color, according to The ...

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