How do you troll on Discord servers? (2023)

How do I troll in Discord server?

5 Ways To Troll People On Discord - YouTube

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Is trolling allowed on Discord?

In additions to the rules and guidelines set forth by Discord, you may want to consider prohibiting the following behaviors: Trolling - Trolling refers to the act of disrupting the chat, making a nuisance out of yourself, deliberately making others uncomfortable, or otherwise attempting to start trouble.

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How do you troll someone?

Using your altered voice, prank call your friend as a joke.
  1. For example, call your friend pretending to be from a credit card company or collections agency.
  2. Confess it's you before your friend gets too upset, however. Trolling should be lighthearted and you don't want to truly upset your friend.

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What are good discord troll servers?

Trolling Discord Servers
  • pingr hub. 3.7. 14,862. Bot ping. ...
  • Chad Paradise. 2,335. chill. dark humor. ...
  • cumcheese. 942. cumcheese. Dutch. ...
  • Soundboarders' Community. 445. Cats. dankmemer. ...
  • The estate of trolling. 303. discussions. Gaming. ...
  • The Gentlemen's Club. 281. Debate. ...
  • Banquet Lounge. 251. Community. ...
  • Mutanie's trolling server. 250. Active community.

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What is a discord spammer?

Definitions on what “spam” is can vary widely across companies, so let's lay out how we define spam at Discord: The automatic or centrally operationalized creation or usage of accounts en masse to present users with undesired or malicious content and experiences.

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What is NSFW in Discord?

Discord's Definition of NSFW

The standard definition is “Not Safe for Work,” but Discord's acronym stands for “Not Suitable for Wumpus.”

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Can you get banned from Discord for being under 13?

is it true your team is now having server owners ban anyone under the age of 13 due to your terms of services? Anyone under the age of 13 cannot use Discord per our Terms of Service. If a server owner is aware and ignores it, we will take action on the server and/or owner.

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Can you use Discord under 13?

Discord's Terms of Service states that only users who are 13 years or older may use its service in the U.S. That said, there are children under 13 who use Discord. The company has said it is developing a “gate” that asks users to self-report their date of birth upon creating an account.

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Why is trolling so fun?

Trolls exhibit psychopath traits.

On the other hand, thrill-seeking and acting on impulse are associated with psychopathy. That may explain why psychopaths find trolling so enjoyable. It could be that "creating mayhem online is a central motivator to troll," the researchers write.

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Is Internet trolling a crime?

Trolling is not a crime under federal law. But under the laws of many states, harassment, stalking, and bullying are illegal. For more information, see Cyberbullying Laws by State.

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Why do I like trolling so much?

Basically, trolling behavior can feel rewarding in two ways: the pleasure experienced from getting a rise out of a target (positive reinforcement) and in some cases, the pleasure experienced by avoiding or distracting from aspects of life that are uncomfortable (negative reinforcement).

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How can I be a good troll?

A good troll will spend time carefully constructing the perfect prank. Make them think you're legit. And then mess with their minds. For example, spend time in that community making comments and posts which seem normal, before slowly going through a "crisis of faith" and eventually going full-blown crazy-pants.

How do you troll on Discord servers? (2023)
What are some troll names?

Explore Trolls
  • Poppy, Queen of Pop.
  • Branch.
  • Biggie.
  • Creek.
  • DJ Suki.
  • Cooper.
  • Guy Diamond.
  • Satin and Chenille.

How do you mess with a troll?

9 tips for handling trolls on social media
  1. Establish a policy. Most social networks have community policies for 'being respectful'. ...
  2. Ignore them. ...
  3. Respond with facts. ...
  4. Diffuse with humor. ...
  5. Block or ban them. ...
  6. Correct mistakes. ...
  7. Don't be baited. ...
  8. Don't delete their posts.
Feb 28, 2019

What do you do in discord raid?

Don't do anything that might make you a target. DON'T talk about the raid a lot in the public chat. Avoid rewarding bad behaviour with your attention. DO take screenshots and copy message IDs of a sample of the offending content and send it to SudoModMail via DM.

How do you use the impersonator bot?

  1. say, usage: -say @user message.
  2. roleonly, only members with the 'SW' role can use the bot. ...
  3. impersonateowner, enables members to impersonate the owner of the server. ...
  4. invite, gives the link to invite the bot in your server in chat.
  5. server, gives the link to the official support server of the bot.

How do I set up discord security?

Four steps to a super safe server
  1. Set up roles and permissions.
  2. Set a verification level.
  3. Enable server-wide 2FA.
  4. Turn on the age-restricted content filter.

How do I make my discord secure?

  1. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is the most secure way to protect your account. You can use Google Authenticator, Authy, and other authenticator apps on a mobile device in order to authorize access to your account. ...
  2. You can enable 2FA in your User Settings. You can also refer to this article for more information.

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